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    Post: Law and Jurisprudence- Law Firm Managment

    Posted by Anthony J. Fejfar BA, JD, MBA, Phd on 1/10/12

    In many law firms there is a seemingly unreasonably high
    billable hour requirement. At the same time, there is an
    American Bar Association Ethics Opinion that it is a serious
    ethics violation to double bill time, that is, to charge
    time to two different clients for the same time period. At
    least one Federal Case has been brought charging a lawyer
    with the federal crime of Mail Fraud which carries carries a
    sentence of 2 years in federal prison, and probable
    disbarment. Most attorneys don;t like working late at the
    office, particularly when it is hard to get a good meal at
    the dinner hour. Also, there is the issue of not getting
    mugged when you have to walk from the office to a parking
    lot late at night. The solution that I suggest regarding
    the above is to add two new billing categories to the firm
    billing time sheet, which are:
    "reflection on legal issues"
    "reflection on factual issues"
    Given the foregoing, an attorney can reasonably leave the
    office at 4 or 5 o'clock to miss the brunt of rush hour
    traffic, and then go home and have dinner and spend time
    with your spouse and kids (if available), and then go to
    your home study (office) and pull out the legal files that
    you have taken home, put on a little music, and sit down in
    a comfortable recliner or office chair, and look at the file
    and then engage in reflection on legal issues, or reflection
    on factual issues, and the process, legitimately bill 2 or 3
    hours of time in the evening at home, in a relaxing
    atmosphere. Thus, the attorney finds a relatively enjoyable
    way of billing time and meeting his or her billable hour
    requirement, ethically.

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