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    Re: Tax Question - Divorce related

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 10/14/07

    It will be treated as a division of property and not as
    alimony and will not be tax deductible.

    On 10/14/07, satya wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I need some advise for Tax preparation.
    > I am getting divorce in next few month. Me and my wife are
    > both citizen of India and our divorce case is filed in
    > India. As per our agreement I will be paying one time
    > alimony to her. This will be a fixed amount paid at once at
    > time of divorce case settlement. This amount will be paid
    > India only. We don't have a property settlement as there is
    > no joint property between us.
    > I live in USA and will be filing my tax in USA only. My
    > question is can I file amount paid as tax deductible. I
    > alimony paid to your spouse is tax deductible as per US tax
    > law. I need to know if same rule applies for one time
    > alimony paid. Also do I need to specify any text in my
    > divorce documents for this.
    > Quick response is very much appreciated as we are in
    > preparation of divorce agreement documents.

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