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    Post: Income Tax Altering By Onslow County Tax and Magistrate

    Posted by Nonya Business on 7/01/08

    I have been notified by the NC State IRS that
    I have to pay taxes and fines for not filing
    a return.

    I am a Marine Retiree who has only my retirement check
    comming to me. I had completed 21 years 9 months
    of continuous service without any break in service.

    I recently found out that That a worker at the Onslow
    County magistrate's office, his homosexual boyfriends
    at the Onslow county tax office and his and his wife's
    bisexual boyfriend who is also a counterfeiter of
    old $100 bills and pieced together copies of current
    $50 bills were retaliating against retirees who
    gaffed them off or rejected their direct overtures
    by claiming that all of us were something called
    a "Bailey Settlement" while intercepting our electronic
    submissions of our federal income taxes.

    Since this is based on interception of Federal Tax
    Returns; Should criminal Charges be filed through the
    Federal IRS in Fayetteville, or through the SBI?

    The State IRS is going to make us pay these levis
    and fines regardless because some gay connection with
    their claims and customer service has an agreement
    to accept only the word of the dirtbags here in Onslow

    We all have also had our motor vehicle taxable values
    altered from the real bluebook value to some other
    value of less than $1000. I drive a Classic Benz
    and many others drive similar antique vehicles.

    I'd like to prosecute all of these degenerates as
    soon as possible.

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