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    Post: What should I claim on my W-2s?

    Posted by Jason R. Bush on 9/11/08

    Alright; this is sort of hard to describe, but I'll leave it
    up to this. First, I'd like to thank anyone for their advice
    in advance. Secondly, I'd definitely like to say that this
    is not because I do not support my child, it's because I'm
    attending school and need the most I physically can to
    survive and also go back to school.

    I'm starting a new job on Monday and would be filling out my
    W-2s. Due to child support all of my income tax refund goes
    to my daughter/the government, so I see nothing, but only
    what I would have received. Here's my information: I'm
    single, pay for everything on my own, have one child with
    legal rights signed over to my parents and the mother has
    nothing to do w/ my daughter in the least. W/ that said, I
    normally claim 3 and it works out, but is there any legal
    way to claim four? I've honestly never had to pay anything
    doing my taxes.


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