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    Re: mineral oil/gas/taxes

    Posted by jim on 1/17/08

    On 6/28/07, wrote:
    > Your answer is probably in the US Tax Code. Look in the
    > index uder mineral oil or gas credits.
    > Tony Dennison
    > On 4/28/06, jim wrote:
    >> Pa. Can anyone out there tell me why the taxes was removed
    >> from mineral oil and gas royaltys in pa?
    >> Can anyone tell me why the production of millions of
    > cubic
    >> feet of gas in greene county is not taxed?
    I am talking about (State & Local government )removing mineral
    taxes that was charged over the last 100 years to the holder
    of a mineral deed. here in Greene County Pa. their are many
    people who own interest into a registered mineral deed that
    has passed from generation to generation (to which all
    generations received royalty payments. Now by removing mineral
    taxes the Coal/gas companies are claiming those rights and
    claiming the registered ownership. This is against our
    constutional right and should be prosicuted .What is your view.

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