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    Post: IRS Audit

    Posted by Anne on 1/28/09

    Just back from a meeting with my CPA. My audit is tomorrow
    and he has scared me to death, telling me I'm going to
    prison, losing my house...some really scary stuff.

    I have my checks and receipts from 2005 but I'm not sure
    they are in 100% perfect order.

    My CPA required me to pay him $1000 to represent me at this
    meeting in his office (he was the preparer of record). He
    wants me there but I am planning on saying little to nothing
    and taking a lot of notes.

    Is there such a thing as part 2 of an IRS audit? If there
    are documents missing, will I have a chance to try to find
    them or is this my only chance? I had only 30 days to
    prepare for this audit.

    Will the Federal marshalls be there to arrest me and haul me
    off to prison right then and there?

    I was audited 40 years ago over $200. I could prove that
    yes, I did donate that amount, case closed. Since then, I've
    not had any problems with the IRS until now. Lucky me.

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