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    Post: Student Loan Interest

    Posted by Student Loan Interest Question on 2/04/09

    I have graduated from graduate school and I have recently
    started paying off my student loan debt. I don't make
    enough money to afford a house mostly due to the student
    loan payments that I make monthly which are nearly equal
    to what my mortgage would be. After starting to repay my
    loans in June 2008, I have paid off over $4300 dollars
    worth of interest. Why is there a cap of $2500 on the
    student loan interest deduction. If I could deduct the
    full $4300 and next year almost $7000 I would be well on
    my way to affording a home and mortgage, of which the
    mortgage would be able to be written off totally.

    Why can't we right off the total expense of interest paid
    on student loans????

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