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    Post: There Should Be A Dope User Tax

    Posted by Steve Blonske on 4/19/09

    Since the world's first Global Monopoly (HUMANA, L.L.C.)
    is also the primary supporter of Anti-American Drug
    Trade and attempts to bypass the U.S. Justice System;
    They should be taxed and have all of their employees
    taxed for the cost of the U.S. War on Drugs.

    Also, there should be a Drug Tax imposed on those who
    use all of the varieties of cigars that implement the
    use of illicit drugs and those that get decriminalized.

    Almost all cigarette users are identified through some
    voluntary means. Cigar users should also get complete
    identification in order to ensure they pay the Dope User

    Steve Blonske
    GySgt USMC Retired

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