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    Post: Earned Income credit and welfare

    Posted by Renee on 2/09/11

    I hope everyone who reads this will contact our wonderful
    government and get this fixed.

    In my opinion households who are on welfare should not be
    allowed to take earned income credit.
    Here is an example: in this household there are 5 people, 3
    children 2 adults, one person did work and made 14k for the
    year. had $996 witheld for federal taxes. They recieved 6k
    earned income credit along with the rest of their tax
    credits bringing their refund to 9k. Now, for the entire
    year they are on food stamps, medicade, and live in housing
    paid for by welfare. If you add up all the costs of their
    food stamps housing ect. they make more money than most tax
    payers who make over the earned income credit amount and
    that money is provided by the government already. If you
    think about it, most people who are at or below poverty
    level are eligible for the credit, but they are also
    eligible for welfare benefits as well, so what do they
    recieve? free food, free housing, and they also get help
    with their utilities, and now they get free cell phones,
    all medical and prescriptions paid for along with free
    childcare. Then at the end of the year they get free money
    from the irs to boot. In the meantime I'm forking out well
    over 10k in taxes and struggling to pay my bills, and these
    people get to go buy new TV's Stereos ect. because they
    don't have to worry about food or paying bills.

    Can you imagine how much money the government would save by
    adding one simple rule, if a household is recieving welfare
    benefits they should not be able to take the credit. Let me
    add these people will not suffer from this because their
    tax liablity will still be zero and they will still recieve
    the child tax credits, so for the example I used above if
    the earned income credit was not taken they would still
    recieve a refund of almost 3k.

    By the irs putting this rule into affect they could also
    pass along some tax breaks to more working class or lower
    our tax liability period.

    Please read this entire post carefully im not wanting to
    penalize these people, I just think the amount of
    government funds they are recieving is excessive and this
    needs to be fixed and making this rule will help.
    Simple...if a household is on welfare they cannot take
    earned income credit. period.

    If you agree please contact the IRS ,or whoever you need to
    to have this changed, this needs to be looked into.

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