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    Post: Withdrawal of Tax Lien for Improper Filing

    Posted by Rob Rose on 4/01/11

    I am a real estate attorney but I am handling this tax
    matter for a client. A Notice of Tax Lien was filed
    against my client in 2007 and the tax debt has since been
    paid in full, but we are attempting to get the IRS to
    withdraw the notice of tax lien to help improve the
    person's credit rating. When the IRS filed the tax lien
    back in 2007, they did not properly file it in the person's
    county of residence, which they were required to do by the
    IRC and Georgia state law, instead filing the notice in the
    court of a neighboring county. Has anyone gotten a
    withdrawal of tax lien on these grounds? Also, does the
    fact that the lien amount has been paid in full
    functionally (if not literally) preclude a withdrawal of
    the tax lien? I appreciate any insight.

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