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    Re: tax debt for prior last three years

    Posted by student on 3/06/08

    Atty Tony Dennison:

    I saw the term " reasonable cause" on your website. Can you
    please give a few examples of "reasonable cause" ?

    thank you


    On 6/28/07, Tony Dennison Esq. wrote:
    > o give you a real answer I would need to talk to you on the
    > phone.
    > Generally you can file a 1040x to correct past mistakes.
    > The Bankruptcy probably won't help you because of the
    > specific laws pertaining to bankruptcy and Federal Tax.
    > Accountant?! They will just mess you up. Most of my clients
    > come from people that have been destroyed by accountants
    > ptrying to play tax attorney before the IRS. Watch out!
    > Give me a call and we can talk.
    > Tony Dennison Esq.
    > 877-829-2687
    > On 2/06/07, Tami wrote:
    >> I forgot to report some things on my 2004 tax return, of
    >> which I am in debt to the IRS for almost $5K. I had filed
    >> bankruptcy back in October 2005. My case is not yet
    >> closed. I think I will owe more for 2005 as well as I
    > just
    >> found something in my private tax file that was not listed
    >> on my there any way I can consolidate
    >> everything? It's hard to get the IRS people on the
    > phone.
    >> Or should I consult an "IRS" geared tax accountant to help
    >> me get out of this mess before disclosing anything to IRS?
    >> I have less than 90 days to deal with this. I don't want
    >> what little wages I have garnished, I'd reather settle for
    >> an offer & compromise ...I'm totally freaked
    > out...thoughts?

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