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    Re: tax debt for prior last three years

    Posted by Tony Dennison Esq. on 6/28/07

    o give you a real answer I would need to talk to you on the

    Generally you can file a 1040x to correct past mistakes.

    The Bankruptcy probably won't help you because of the
    specific laws pertaining to bankruptcy and Federal Tax.

    Accountant?! They will just mess you up. Most of my clients
    come from people that have been destroyed by accountants
    ptrying to play tax attorney before the IRS. Watch out!

    Give me a call and we can talk.

    Tony Dennison Esq.


    On 2/06/07, Tami wrote:
    > I forgot to report some things on my 2004 tax return, of
    > which I am in debt to the IRS for almost $5K. I had filed
    > bankruptcy back in October 2005. My case is not yet
    > closed. I think I will owe more for 2005 as well as I
    > found something in my private tax file that was not listed
    > on my there any way I can consolidate
    > everything? It's hard to get the IRS people on the
    > Or should I consult an "IRS" geared tax accountant to help
    > me get out of this mess before disclosing anything to IRS?
    > I have less than 90 days to deal with this. I don't want
    > what little wages I have garnished, I'd reather settle for
    > an offer & compromise ...I'm totally freaked

    You can redue your taxes with a 1040X

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