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    Post: Can I file Civil Suit against Vindictive Spouse?

    Posted by Tony on 5/23/05

    Brief Summary of My Situation

    • I believe my civil rights have been significantly
    violated due to lack of protection from the Federal, State,
    or Allegheny County’s government. I’ve been told over and
    over “That’s the system. There’s nothing else you can do.”

    • I’ve suffered through false PFAs, wrongful eviction
    from our marital residence 4.5 months after she filed for
    divorce, false contempt and continued delays / misuse
    of “the system” to her benefit.

    • Subsequent to the divorce filing in October 2002, I
    requested her in writing to go to counseling, co-parenting
    classes, etc. all of which she refused.

    • However, I was “forced” by her to go through the
    court appointed Psychological Evaluation process. It
    backfired on her and the Evaluator’s report indicated that
    she has Severe, mental health issues in October 2003. No
    issues were noted of me.

    • The Judge, who is known to favor the woman, gave me
    only 12 days a month custody in December 2003, even though
    I requested 50-50 custody and for her to receive individual
    therapy per the Evaluator’s comments or Primary if she
    refused. The judge refused stating “I don’t care to my
    attorney. I think he has problems too!” What’s the point
    in the evaluations? How does the Judge consider himself a
    Custody professional by overruling the Evaluator’s

    • So, the above cost me 40k-50k and the process
    continues. I’ll probably spend another 40k-50k before it’s
    all said and done.

    1. The lack of the Joint Custody 50-50 presumption and
    requirements of counseling and a written parenting plan,
    like the majority of the US states require, has cost me not
    only significant money but also significant emotional

    2. Even though #1 is lacking, there should be some
    intervention mechanism in place by Allegheny County or the
    State when an Evaluator’s report is issued and so severe
    against one spouse. For that matter, Allegheny County or
    the State of PA should have some type of mechanism (ie.,
    Joint Custody presumption) in place so that I would not
    have had to suffer these emotional and financial losses.
    Someone should be held accountable!!

    3. Can I bring suit against Fed'l, State (PA), local
    government (Allegheny) or my vindictive spouse to recover
    not only monetary but also emotional losses??

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