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    Re: Workplace Chemical Exposure

    Posted by Ahyehok on 12/08/09

    On 1/09/06, Carol wrote:
    > On 1/06/06, MARC wrote:
    > To this day the supervisor
    >> and the co-worker are deceased from cancer, and I have a
    >> strong feeling the reason is because of an over exposure
    > to
    >> H2S & Benzene. What do you think i should do? I still
    > can't
    >> afford to lose my job and feel if they got wind I
    > consulted
    >> with a lawyer about this I'd be in the unemployement line.
    > have you been diagnosed with anything that can be linked to
    > benzene or h2s (is that hydrogen sulfate?) Benzene is
    > incredibly toxic. what about the families of the other 2
    > workers, have they proceeded against the company? How would
    > the company know about a lawyer unless you told someone? I
    > would say, contact a worker's comp lawyer or one with
    > experience in industrial toxicity exposure, not just one of
    > the big personal injury firms that advertises on TV. call
    > your local bar association's attorney referral number. If
    > you don't tell anyone you've seen a lawyer, your work will
    > never know; the attorney sure isn't going to tell them.

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