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    Re: Electric Blanket Fires

    Posted by m jones on 5/14/08

    On 2/15/08, Barbara F Lamb wrote:
    > On 1/26/06, George McLaughlin wrote:
    >> I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had an
    >> experience with an electric blanket catching fire, or
    >> overheating to the point of causing scorching or a serious
    >> burn. If you were the victim I am interested in the facts
    >> of your incident. If you are a lawyer and have such a case
    >> I have information that you may find helpful. My email
    >> is:
    > I had a sunbeam Queen size electric blanket set fire to my
    > bed (aka mattress)last year. Both the blanket and controller
    > were defective. The controller survived deformed from the
    > heat inside of it but with a hole out the bottom that
    > the fire. The controller that caught fire was on the
    > side of the bed from me and the one on my side started to
    > flash it's light on and off. I tried to turn it off but it
    > would not shut off, i crawled accross the bed to pull the
    > plug and the other controller which was setting the fire
    > showed a flash of white light as i pulled the plug. I
    > down and picked up the hot controller burning my hand before
    > i could drop it. Not worrying about the pain i ran for water
    > to put the fire out. After putting the fire out as far as i
    > could see i kept a fire vigil all night in case the fire was
    > still smoldering inside the mattress and could start up
    > due to spontaneos combustion from the inside. The mattress
    > or was a Simmons beauty rest black lable top of the line
    > mattress with a ten year warranty full replacement for
    > everything except fire. The failure of the controller also
    > damaged my electric clock,computer scanner,Laser Printer and
    > computer interface card. Since a replacement mattress will
    > thicker than my present mattress due to the manufacturers
    > bigger is better policy the base the mattress sits on will
    > have to be modified by a cabinet maker or a finish
    > The estimated damages will probably come to about Seven
    > thousand dollars just for those items.
    > I reported to the claims adjuster (Executive Solutions)
    > Jarden/Sunbeam that i was suffering nightmares and loss of
    > sleep and would like to get closure on the claim. At first
    > they ignored me,then when i kept calling back they had a
    > supervisor talk to me and she offered $712 which is about
    > percent of losses. That was a price for a cheap mattress off
    > the internet. She refused to talk of the other items let
    > alone the trama. I mentioned suing and she said the only
    > they will even consider settling with me would be when they
    > have the lawsuit papers in their hands.
    > Theres more , but that is enough for now
    On 4/13/08 my house burned down because of a Sunbeam electric
    blanket. I am amazed to find out that there has been several
    lawsuits against Sunbeam related to their faulty electric
    blankets. My estimated damage to just repair my home is
    $189,000 my insurance company has offered me $89,000 needless
    to say they are suing Sunbeam and going to recoup who knows
    how much!!!! I am told by my insurance co to not sue Sunbeam
    because it might affect them recouping their money. Ha!

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