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    Post: Harassment/Record conversation at home

    Posted by Harassment at Home on 9/01/09

    I watch my kids as they play outside. From what I've
    witnessed, my kids and other neighboring children will not
    play with one particular kid who, they claim, is a bully.
    Fine, No problem; until this bullying kid cries to Mom that
    everyone is being mean to her, even making up stories that
    they are throwing rocks and hitting her, when they are
    having fun together and ignoring the troubled little girl.
    Then mom, who is in the house at the time of the alleged
    incident, comes out and begins harassing the parents. After
    several times of this occurring, I've told Mom to keep her
    family away from ours or I would call the police and report
    her for harassment; and she threatened that if I do, she,
    purely out of spite, would sue me for "discrimination." I'm
    not too worried it because I know I didn't do anything
    wrong, but if she continues to harass me at our home, am I
    allowed to record the conversation on my cell phone for
    proof of the harassment? Thanks.

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