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    Posted by mike on 10/05/10

    On 1/25/10, Gotta Spell to be a Lawyer ! wrote:
    > Hey numb nutts, if you want to be a lawyer,
    > learn to spell, its suit, not suite ! LOL
    > No wonder you are doing so bad even in
    > a crappy law school !
    > On 1/25/10, Mr. Edge wrote:
    >> Don't go to Alu. I am having such a bad law experience.
    >> They are clueless. They professors make racist remarks
    >> often. They just want your money. I have to sue them
    >> just to get mind transcripts, so that I can move on. If
    >> anyone is having problems and want to see results
    >> We can bring a class action
    >> suite.
    What are mind transcripts?

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