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    Posted by Jake on 5/20/10

    May 21, 2010...

    I observed a case, or let me better say. In a case I worked
    on as a paralegal, I saw that that the state authorities of
    one state made absolutely no effort to extradite a defendant
    on a misdemeanor warrant, after the defendant resided in
    another state. The defendant continuously and purposefully
    made contact with he DA's office and complaining police
    department. The defendant frequently sent letters(4-6mo.
    apart) advising them of his current address and telephone
    number(s), and asking them to notify him if they needed him to
    come back to the warrant state. The communications where sent
    USPS Return Reciept/certified mail.

    As I said, this defendant had communicate many and numerous
    times with the police and DA's office in the "warrant" issuing
    state and these never asked him to come back to that state.
    The defendant then had a lawyer send several letters to the
    DA's office, to which the DA's never responded back.

    In the end after 4 years the defendant hired an attorney in
    the "warrant state" and the attorney made an appearance on
    behalf of the defendant. The charge was dismissed and the
    defendant, never appeared in court. Charges where dismissed.

    It may have been that the case grew and was stale, and that
    the evidence was flimsy and the judge felt it was not worth
    continuing it. end result, the case was dismissed over the
    DA's objection.

    Not to say that this will happen in your or any other case
    again. But it did happen. You might consider consulting an
    attorney in both WA and HI. The consult will give you info you
    need and will be well worth the money spent. Some attorneys
    will give you a consult for free.

    Keep in mind, that this warrant being "out there", may cause
    you problems. You should consult an attorney in your
    jurisdiction as to what problems may arise for you in HI as a
    result of an outstanding warrant in Washington State.

    Best of luck.

    On 5/07/10, MANUEL wrote:

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