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    Re: How do I file a complaint against a probation agent?

    Posted by Ruth on 8/18/10

    On 8/18/10, Ruth wrote:
    > On 7/13/10, Andrea wrote:
    >> I would like to know how to file complaints against
    >> probation agents in WI. Long story, I will try to keep
    >> brief. Please assume nothing and ask any questions you
    >> have.
    >> About 6 mos. after my husband and I were married, our
    >> daughter was born. Around this time, my husband had been
    >> acting strange, and I started asking if he was cheating.
    >> He attacked me several times when I asked. The 3rd time
    >> police were called. He was arrested. My husband came home
    >> after arrest and began to reveal a drug problem. We were
    >> talking one a.m. and out of nowhere he choked me until I
    >> was unconsious. I was not thinking clearly for a period
    >> after this. 2 days later I attacked him. He called the
    >> police. I was arrested and charged, but upon telling them
    >> what happened 2 days before, they took me home and
    >> arrested & charged him with assault with intent to do
    >> great bodily harm, DV disorderly, bail jumping. He was
    >> allowed by the court to come home again. By this time I
    >> knew how severe his drug problem was. I hired an attorney,
    >> the best in my county, as I didn't want to see his life
    >> ruined over a drug problem. This all happened in a few
    >> weeks time, we just had a baby, I was confused as to what
    >> was really going on, and before it all started, I thought
    >> there was a picket fence around my house. A couple weeks
    >> after I hired attorney for him, he woke me up one morning
    >> and attacked me again. Beating me for about 3 hours. he
    >> kept leaving and returning to hit me more. One time I
    >> locked the door and passerby saw him break a window to get
    >> back in and called police. He left again, but returned and
    >> saw police. He went to police station and said I was
    >> hitting him and we were both arrested. He later told me he
    >> hit himself in the face. I stopped paying for his atty at
    >> this time and hired my own, however funds were limited by
    >> this time. His parents cont. to pay high price atty I
    >> hired. He had a pretrial investigation.I was interviewed
    >> after his parents. I told him that my husband was on
    >> cocaine and gave him proof as when I found out I called
    >> the police in city he was buying it and turned seller in.
    >> Husband spoke to those police and admitted this to them
    >> but was then arrested 3rd time and never ableto assist
    >> that pd in set up. He asked if I made husband quit job, I
    >> was puzzled, told him I spoke to boss in person trying to
    >> save job when he just didn't show up. I was confused. Then
    >> convicted on my charges, MY attorney was puzzled said he
    >> get a word in. I was put on probation for 1 year. In this
    >> time, my p.o. revealed that his parents told investigator
    >> and other p.o.'s I was on drugs, beating their son, made
    >> him quit job. Husband said same. He got 8 mos in county
    >> jail, 4 in huber, 6 yrs prob. I appealed with different
    >> atty and saw judge and assist d.a. would not even let my
    >> atty speak. I appealed to have my case dismissed but also
    >> to remove money owed for court, counseling etc. Was denied
    >> all in court, but monies owed "disappeared". The district
    >> attorney that handled the case was running for attorney
    >> general at time of our cases and while I was still on
    >> prob. He announced near end of race he would resign as
    >> D.A. if he lost race. He lost and at that time announced
    >> he would be going to work for a criminal defense firm, the
    >> same one I hired for my husband. I have already filed
    >> formal grievances against d.a. and all attys involved. How
    >> do I now file a complaint against the p.o. that did the
    >> criminal investigation in my husband's case. He didn't
    >> investigate any of my solid info and instead went along
    >> with the story the attempted murderer and parents told.
    >> Then continued to spread this slanderous info around p.o.
    >> office. Please help!!!

    I have been told to make your complaint to all th alligations
    directly to you probation officer in a letter and CC it to the
    XChief Probatiob Officer along with your Attorney and the
    Judge, so all involved will understand what you complaints
    are. I am currently going through this now.

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