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    Post: Son has a Violation of Probation w/ Disorderly Conduct

    Posted by Ruth on 8/18/10

    My son violated probation by way of disorderly conduct. The
    probation let him out of the detension center after two and
    a half weeks due to him having made good progress, when we
    went to court the put him in for a 60 dasy evaluaton, again
    the report was exellent, coulnd't have asked for a better
    report but for some reason the probation officer will not
    agree to let him out until his court date, The difference
    between this request and that first ine was this last eval
    had nothing but great things to say but for some reason now
    the probation officer is afraid he is going to run and just
    in case she finds another facility to intiview him, He is a
    good kid and would never do just a thing, not sure what
    happened from then until now to chage her mind Other that
    how much his family loves him.

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