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    Post: Verbal Abuse & Physical

    Posted by Janice on 9/15/10

    The Recession has not been good for me.....I am a bartender
    and was told that I had to work for just tips or my hours
    would be cut...this went on for two years....Now, they
    closed the old Restaurant & Bar, opened up a new one and I
    now get to be yelled at Daily...Beg for my Paycheck or wait
    for it a week late....& now my Boss shoved me yesterday and
    I think he wrenched my shoulder, cause I can not raise my
    arm and I am in pain.......he told me next time he tells me
    to do something....just do it right away....cause he doesn't
    want to go to Jail....I need my Job, so I put up with Verbal
    & now Physical customers are disgusted...they
    get to watch this behavior......just wanted to say that I
    will start looking for another 55 however, it is
    hard as I am a Bartender/Food this normal
    because of the Recession? They also demand tips from me
    when they cook or hostess ( or they deduct it from my
    paycheck) and they collect unemployment...while owning the
    Restaurant and working it???

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