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    Re: Probation Officer Complaint

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 9/22/10

    Next time, just have your son do the jail time so he doesn't
    have to worry about probation. Or--I bet you haven't
    thought about this option--don't get arrested in the first

    On 9/22/10, joyce cropp wrote:
    > My son has a Probation Officer that is just horrible. He
    > acts like he is setting my son up for a fall. My son sees
    > him every first and third tuesday of the month. My son
    > works through a Temp service because there just are not
    > jobs. We go in to see him on Tuesday 9-21-2010 and the
    > office was closed. He tried to say that my son has a no
    > call no show. My son called him on the 7th of of this
    > and told him that he was working and he told my son to
    > see him 2weeks from the 7th which would have been the 21nd
    > we went to see him on the 22 he didnot mention the 21st
    > a no call no show. he then all of a sudden changes the day
    > for my son to see him. He changes it to the 1st and 3rd
    > monday of each month. When my son tries to talk to him
    > about something he tells him that he does not want to talk
    > about it. This man has done some other stuff also that
    > leads me to believe that he is trying to set him up for a
    > fall. My son has never not showed up to see him because I
    > am the one who takes him. we tried to request a new
    > probation officer and there has been nothing done. I do
    > know if this man is prejudice or what but if this keeps up
    > I will not hesitate to take it to the news and find out.
    > I cannot get any answers one way I will get some another
    > making it known to the public. This man is no help at all
    > and he communicates like he does not know what he is
    > talking about. What can be done about this?

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