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    Post: Probation Complaint

    Posted by erica brooks on 11/02/10


    I need clarification of what rights as an criminal offender
    sentenced to 1 yr probation:

    My boyfriend was released on October 6, 2010 after being
    charged with violation of probation due to non-
    reporting.After completing nearly 3 months in county jail
    he was sent to court where judge sentenced him for 1yr
    probation for failure to report even though he had not
    incurred any new charges since initial sentence. He was
    instructed to report to the probation office for assignment
    and to check in within 48 hours of release. On Oct 8, 2010
    he followed court instuctions and went to probation office
    for additional instructions. When he arrived his assigned
    probation officer was not in therefore he was assisted by
    the supervisor which upon review of his file and since he
    had not obtained any additional charges since 2007 made the
    decision to release him from probation obligation and
    advised he was free and to "have a great life". However 3
    weeks has passed when his assigned PO left a message
    stating the supervisor was incorrect and he was still on
    probation. The po then threatened to submit a warrant for
    his arrest since offender was aware of obligations .
    However my boyfriend informed supervisor of court order and
    why he was there but supervisor stated it was friday and
    file had not been updated and assigned po did not update
    file according to procedures and basically stated it was my
    boyfriend fault for not following correct procedures.

    What is his legal rights and how can he file a formal
    complaint? Any suggestions are welcomed since po will be
    issuing warrent tomorrow.

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