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    Post: $200 Million dollar KMCC facility drips hot tar on 5yr old

    Posted by Joshuah & Brandy on 11/22/10

    I have filed a federal tort claim on my daughters behalf.
    So here is the jist of it. Myself and my family were
    shopping in a newly built multi-million dollar facility
    which apparently wasn't completed when opened. As they had
    contractors tarring the roof while we were inside! Which to
    me seemed to show a sign of negligence and poor judgement
    on both the contractor as well as the government agency
    owning the facility.

    Well during our shopping one day hot tar fell from the
    ceiling and gave my daughter multiple burns on her hands
    and arms as well as burning and matting her hair with the
    tar. I'm not sure if it is valid claim or if we should be
    seeking to make a claim against the contractor hired by the

    I believe both are at fault as I'm sure there are guidlines
    on monitoring the work being performed by these
    contractors. And not sure what liability the government
    takes when hiring these contractors. I think we have a
    likely case for both but anys insight would be appreciated.

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