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    Post: Control Freak Probation Officer

    Posted by Letitia on 6/01/11

    July 13th, 2007 I got a Class "E" Felony DWI. I began
    probation around Januray 4th, 2008. I did violate 6 months
    after I was on but have not since. The end of last summer
    my PO and I discussed early release for me. We discussed my
    violation and he said that shouldn't be a problem for my
    early release. I report the following month and he then
    states in order to get an early release I need to have a
    bonified job. I told him I have income property, a DBA and
    an online business. What part of a job didn't he
    understand that I already have? He then states I need one
    with a weekly pay check; knowing my doctor says I can not
    work due to physical disibilities. I go against my doctor
    and retain employment in which I fell at work reinjuring my
    old injuries as well as getting a new one. I am up for
    surgery for the new injury. I report January 2011 and speak
    to him about my release. He then states he wasn't releasing
    me due to my violation in 2008 and says I am doing the full
    stretch. I've had people who I refuse let run my life call
    in false accusations in which of course he could not prove,
    they were false. He says I am not allowed to hang with any
    bikers; I am a biker. The majority of my friends are
    bikers. Because of somene calling in recently with more
    false accusations he has put me back on the call in list to
    call in every night. I had a situation with my youngest son
    skipping school. I spoke to my PO about it and requested
    help from him. I was in the middle of handling the
    situation when the school called CSP on me. I have nothing
    to hide and told them about me being on probation and that
    I requested help from my PO in regard to the situation.
    They did speak to my PO. He told them about my violation in
    2008 and how I pissed my pants when he caught me driving.
    He's also stated that I have fraud charges against me. I
    was never arrested for any such thing. I feel telling CPS
    about my violation and me pissing my pants was out of line
    being it really had/has nothing to due with my son skipping
    school. He also told them that I am not getting off
    probation until June 2013. He added 6 more months on. I
    have it in black and white and am considering sueing him. I
    am deathy afraid if I seek legal help he will retaliate
    against me. Oh and when I did violate in 2008 the judge
    gave me 20 more hours of community service. How can he add
    6 more months on for the same crime when the judge already
    repremanded me? PLEASE HELP! Thank you so very much.

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