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    Post: Complaint against a PO

    Posted by J Prewett on 3/28/12

    My step-son went out with a buddy to go to some bars and
    pick up girls about 4 years ago. His buddy went with a
    girl and left him at the bar. He met two other girls and
    they said that they would take him home.
    They were stopped by police. He was arrested for public
    intoxication. Later they came back and said that they
    found 4 ounces of meth in the car.
    He was charged with possession of a controlled substance.
    He was told that they were going to send him to prison for
    a lot of years, which scared him, so he chose to go on
    deferred adjudication.
    When he got on probation, he was new and had never been
    in trouble like this before. He went on a date with his
    girlfriend and made a mistake by "sharing a beer" with her.
    The next day they asked him to go in for a pee test. He
    was arrested and put in jail.
    15 days later he got out of jail. He was going to all of
    his meetings, paying his fees, making his pee tests and did
    not have any other dirty UA's. He would not even take
    aspirin because he was afraid that they would violate his
    Then one day the probation officer called him up and told
    him to report to jail. He asked her why and she told him
    that she was sending him to AA class. She said that he had
    to be in jail for 30 days prior to the class starting.
    He voluntarily went to the jail and turned himself in,
    following her instructions.
    4 months later, he got out. He continued to make his
    meetings, pay his fees, and do whatever was asked of him.
    One day she called him up and accused him of not making a
    recent pee test. He assured her that he had gone. (He
    borrowed my car to go and I gave him the money to pay the
    fee, so I know he went to take it.)
    She demanded that he produce a receipt. He could not
    find it, (we searched throughout the house.) He told her
    that he had gone and that he was telling her the truth.
    However I overheard her say, "I KNOW you are a drug addict
    and I am going to do everything in my power to put you in
    prison." (There was another guy with the same name in jail
    who is a drug addict and has a long list of charges. I
    suspect that she may have confused my step-son with the
    other person.)
    She said that he needed to report to jail. I took him
    there and he turned himself in. Later while he was in
    jail, he found out that they checked the records and found
    that he made the pee test, and had paid his fee, He had
    signed the back of the form instead of the front. They had
    made a mistake.
    Finally he asked for a different probation officer, and
    one was given to him. They reduced his scheduled pee tests
    to once a month. He made all of his required meetings,
    finished his community service and did what was required of
    him. Finally he made his last payment on his probation. He
    asked if there was anything else he needed to do. The
    probation people told him that "the paperwork had been sent
    to the court."
    That was 6 or 7 months ago. They came and arrested him
    4 days ago, for a probation violation. They said that he
    had failed to show up for a meeting. This baffled us
    because they would have had to call my house to get in
    touch with him and we have no record of them calling to
    tell us about any meeting. Otherwise I would have made sure
    he got to it.
    So on the 23rd of March, he was taken to court, just two
    days after he was arrested,and they gave him 2 years in
    prison. I asked him why he took it, and he said that they
    said that they were going to give him 4 years. When his
    court appointed attorney told him that he could take two
    years and they would give him credit for his time in jail,
    he took it. (He was under duress and was scared.) He
    signed the papers.
    Now here is the rest of the story. I know for a fact
    that he was not using drugs, because the guy has lived in
    my house for the past 10 years. I saw him 24 hours a day.
    I made sure he made all of his meetings etc, and I know he
    paid his fees because they were coming out of my pocket.
    He did not go anywhere at all. Since he didn't have a
    car, he did not leave the house. Occassionally he would go
    to his girlfiend's house for a few hours, but he would come
    back home before too late. He never exhibited any symptoms
    that would indicate that he was on drugs.
    I would know the symptoms because I am a former
    corrections officer who worked with drug addicts for over
    20 years. I know what the symptoms are and how people act.
    I never observed any of this kind of activity with him, and
    I was with him 24 hours a day.
    I was appalled that the probation officer told him that
    she "knew" he was a drug addict and she was determined to
    put him in prison. How could she make that statement
    without any dirty UA's? He had only the one dirty UA right
    at the start of his probation and over three years later he
    never had another dirty one?
    After his final payment I kept having him call to check
    on his status, and the probation department kept telling
    him that the paperwork was sent to the court. He was not
    having to make any more pee tests, or anything.
    Now they say that he missed a meeting last July 2011???
    We never received any notification.
    SO my question is this, How do I go about filing a
    complaint against this probation officer who "was sure he
    was an addict" even though there was no evidence to such a
    Could missing this alledged meeting cause him to be sent
    to prison even though he has had no other criminal charges
    brought against him? How can we deal with a prejudiced
    probation officer who may have mistaken him for this other
    fellow who has the same name?
    I fell like a helpless frustrated person because I know
    for a fact that he is not this drug addict they thought he
    was. Even the neighbors are willing to write letters
    standing up for him.
    Any suggestions?

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