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    Post: $56 million ten day settelment

    Posted by Christopher Gregory on 1/21/16

    My settlement is valued in excess of $50 million. While I
    cannot afford to hire an attorney I am prepared to be
    extremely generous with the settlement. This is the
    conclusion to a situation that took 15 years to reach.
    There is no doubt this case will be settled out of court
    and within ten days. Contact me and you will not be
    disappointed. I prefer a young and hungry attorney, someone
    eager to become wealthy. Not being an attorney I really
    don't know how to word this request but I can say this
    offer is 100% legitimate and genuine. Regardless of what
    you’ve learned inside the box every once in a great while a
    gift comes along, this is that gift. In any case it could
    take you less than ten days to find out whether you’d have
    the fastest settled and highest paid case of your career. I
    have no interest in talking with an arrogant self- absorbed
    person, only those of sincerity and honesty need contact
    me. You won’t be disappointed.

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