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    Posted by Youssef on 10/20/12

    I was driving a99 honda civic stiitng at red light 9/16/2010. I was rear ended by a mid-size shuttle bus vehicle, medical transport vehicle private own company. driver apologized and stated he looked down and did not brake in time. So I was hit at some unknown rate of speed by a vehicle a weight unknown to me but which could be between 10,000 an0d 40,000 depending on how it was equiped. there was very little damage to my car. I have worked part time only 11 days since the accident in an attempt to return to work mid to late Octber. I am currently signed a contingincy with an attorney, but i have not really met with the attorney and only spoke with him once. I am by occupation a mental health therapist, an MRI indicated that i had experienced 2 herniated discs, due to neck pain injury previous to accident my neck is well documented and the heriation occurred after the accident. Though most of the significant pain has subsided I continue to have problems with weakness of my hands, pain in hands and soles of feet. I have maintained history in personal statement/diary of the injury, its affect on me personally and financially. Would an attorney in your group be willing to take on my case as contingency. How would they assist me in presenting my case. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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