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    MCLE Credit Information

    Posted by MCLE on 8/16/06

    ow do I get credit for Boalt events I attend? Boalt
    identifies which of its activities offer MCLE credit for
    you. For those with credit, you'll find the type and
    amount of credit in the activities' description.

    At the MCLE credited event, you'll be asked to provide
    your signature and bar number as a record of your
    attendance. (If you've forgotten your bar number, we can
    research or call you later for it). Once you've signed in,
    we'll provide you with a certificate stating the time,
    date, location, title, and the amount of California
    approved education credit earned for the education

    I attended an MCLE activity at Boalt and forgot to pick up
    my certificate.
    Boalt can send you another copy of your certificate. Just
    email us at with the following

    Your name, as you signed it on the registration sheet
    The name and date of the event you attended
    The lecture(s) you attended (if applicable). It's helpful
    if you can include the name of the lecture, speakers, or
    Please feel free to include any questions or comments you
    may have
    We'll confirm your attendance at the event and send you
    your certificate in the mail.


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