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    Posted by NM MCLE Online on 8/16/06

    About MCLE
    Mandatory MCLE was created in 1987, suspended in 1989, and
    reinstated in 1990 under the current rules and regulations
    (SCRA 1986 18-101). The New Mexico Supreme Court believed
    it was of primary importance to the members of the New
    Mexico State Bar and to the public that attorneys continue
    their legal education throughout the period of their
    active practice of law. The MCLE Board is an agency of The
    Supreme Court of New Mexico.

    Beginning January 1, 2006, every active licensed memeber
    of the State Bar shall complete twelve hours of continuing
    legal education during each calendar year; 10 hours of
    general, one hour of ethics, and one hour of
    professionalism. One credit hour equal 60 minutes of
    classroom instruction.

    MCLE approves CLE programs in order to assist attorneys in
    obtaining required CLE credits. Course providers and
    attorneys report earned CLE credits to MCLE for processing
    and tracking. In late 1999, MCLE acquired new tracking and
    reporting software from The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
    The new software program greatly improved the accuracy and
    efficiency of MCLE to report detailed information to the
    attorneys twice a year.

    Fees paid by attorneys and course sponsors pay for the
    administration of this program.

    NM MCLE Online

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