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    SDCPLL - MCLE Class Information

    Posted by SDCPLL on 8/18/06

    The San Diego County Public Law Library shall provide
    access to county residents of the laws that affect them in
    order that they can plan their activities accordingly. The
    Library is governed by sections 6300 through 6365 of the
    California Business and Professions Code. The first
    obligation of the Library is to provide legal information
    and information services to the judges, attorneys, law
    firm librarians, paralegals, other members of the legal
    community and citizens representing themselves in legal
    matters who reside or practice in San Diego county in the
    State of California. In order of their priority, secondary
    obligations are to serve other California county law
    libraries and the state law library, other libraries in
    the County,other attorneys and libraries in California,
    and other libraries outside the State.


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