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    MCLE Information

    Posted by MCLE on 8/19/06

    Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) refers to the
    approved continuing legal education required of California
    attorneys. Every three (3) years, attorney's must complete
    twenty-five (25) hours of continuing legal education.

    The regular "25 hour" requirement includes at last four
    hours of legal ethics, at least one hour of prevention,
    detection and treatment of substance abuse and emotional
    distress and at least one hour of elimination of bias in
    the legal profession based on any of, but not limited to,
    the following characteristics: sex, color, race,
    religion, ancestry, national origin, blindness or other
    physical disability, age, and sexual orientation.

    In addition to the above, members of the California State
    Bar must comply with the following additional rules (as
    per the guidelines found on the California State Bar's
    MCLE Program website:

    Maximum "self-study" hours: 12.5 hours
    Members must fulfill at least one-half of their MCLE
    requirement with activities approved for "participatory"
    MCLE credit.
    Special Requirements within the total hours required (may
    be taken as participatory or self-study):
    Legal Ethics: 4 hours (required)
    Detection/Prevention of Substance Abuse: 1 hour (required)
    Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession: 1 hour


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