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    Credit in MCLE States

    Posted by MCLE on 8/19/06

    The D.C. Bar CLE Program is an accredited or recognized
    sponsor in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado,
    Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi,
    Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North
    Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina,
    Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. The D.C.
    Bar will apply for credit for individual courses in other
    states, including Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota,
    Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and
    Wyoming. All of the CLE courses listed on the D.C. Bar's
    Web site qualify for New York credit. The D.C. Bar will
    assist with applications to Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky,
    Montana and Rhode Island, but attorneys must apply
    individually for credit for courses and submit payment
    directly to these states. For Pennsylvania credit, the
    D.C. Bar will automatically pre-certify all courses
    (except those on law office management) and pay the
    Pennsylvania preaccreditation fees. Registrants will be
    provided with the proper attendance certificates and must
    submit both the form and their certification fees ($1.50
    per credit hour) directly to Pennsylvania. Instructions
    for individual course submissions are provided at each
    class by the D.C. Bar CLE Program, along with attendance

    These activities (courses) have been approved for minimum
    continuing legal education credit by the State Bar of
    California. The D.C. Bar CLE Program certifies that these
    activities conform to the standards for approved education
    activities prescribed by the rules and regulations of the
    State Bar of California governing minimum continuing legal

    Credit hours for courses are listed after the time of the
    course (if credit hours are not listed, please call the
    CLE Program at 202-626-3488). These hours are calculated
    on a 60-minute hour. Breaks have already been deducted
    from the time. However, some states (such as Pennsylvania)
    round down to the nearest half hour.


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