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    Posted by CLE: MCLE on 8/19/06

    Your MCLE Record:
    View your CLE records online and print your interim report
    form from the North Carolina State Bar CLE Web site or
    call the N.C. State Bar at (919) 828-4620.

    Required Hours During Reporting Period:
    The North Carolina State Bar (the accreditation, licensing
    and disciplinary entity that is separate and different
    from the North Carolina Bar Association) requires
    attorneys complete 12 hours of mandatory continuing legal
    education, or MCLE, during the reporting period.

    How Many Online CLE Hours May I Take?
    Attorneys may take up to four hours computer-based CLE.
    Visit to select from over 200
    online CLE Programs.

    Is There A Limit To How Many Webcast Hours I May Take?
    There is no limit to the number of CLE hours acquired by
    participating in a Live CLE Webcast program. For a
    complete list of upcoming Live Webcasts visit

    How Many Ethics Credits Do I Need?
    Two of the 12 required credit hours must be in the area of
    legal ethics or professionalism.

    How Many Substance Abuse/Mental Health Credits Do I Need?
    At least once every three calendar years, each lawyer must
    complete an additional hour of professional responsibility
    (ethics) devoted exclusively to instruction in substance
    abuse awareness or debilitating mental conditions, and a
    lawyer's professional responsibilities.

    The answers to the above questions and answers are
    intended as an overview and not meant to be the "Final
    Word" on North Carolina MCLE requirements. Please contact
    the N.C. State Bar with specific questions.


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