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    India’s no. 1 legal product base MLM Company for all categor

    Posted by India on 9/07/12

    Many MLM companies are working in India some are product
    based, some computer education based and some insurance
    based {020830364RG} And even their education are designed
    in such a way that student prefer to go to other
    institutions. So I think these are not real MLM companies,
    they are just quick money schemes, only a few people
    generate money from them other felt cheated.

    Some companies are product based they boast of 70% return
    of middle man money which is wasted on advertisement,
    wholesale and retailer’s profit. But if you see their
    product price they are priced 700% higher than product
    available in market. {, Mobile
    No.8866246808} There are some other companies which deal in
    insurance. Some companies deal in life insurance and some
    deals in general insurance, companies’ which deal general
    insurance are just befooling people because they charge 10
    to 20 times extra for same policy which is available in
    market. But one companies like JMP INFOTECH doing good job
    in market in such companies if someone fail to grow network
    he has nothing to lose because he got worth for what he had

    THINGS TO CONSIDER IN MLM 1. Credibility & Stability of the
    Company 2. Products (Valuable and useful) 3. Wealth plan 4.
    Professional Team support I find all above only in JMP

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