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    Orlando Marriage Ceremony by Orlando Notary Officiant

    Posted by Orlando Notary Charles 407-680-3775 on 1/02/12

    Orlando MARRIAGE CEREMONY, 407-680-3775 by Waterford's
    Marriage Officiant Get Married Today!)

    BASIC & "SAME-DAY" MARRIAGE CEREMONY (only $28.00 weekdays)
    in Orlando Florida, Waterford Lakes, best deal in town.*
    call 407-385-4206.* BEST DEAL IN TOWN!!!

    $28.00- SPECIAL FOR JANUARY 2012 * is our weekday "Special"
    Includes basic ceremony and hand delivery license filing.

    Our short ceremony is performed in approx 8 minutes and
    casual dress is a main characteristic of this personal &
    private marriage service.

    Our option offers the flexibility of casual dress for all.
    Availability of "Same-Day Ceremony" if desired.

    *Want to fulfill the legal requirements of a Marriage
    process and paperwork? Our streamlined ceremony is the most
    ceremony service, call for details.*

    Couples married must have a Marriage License on day of
    ceremony. Call for your private ceremony appointment today!

    *The "Same-Day Ceremony", $28.88 weekday special off gets
    you legally married Monday-Friday (today) in 2012.

    ($38.00 is our special weekends fee this month only!).

    Other fees may be required for other mobile services &
    Sunday dates*. 407-680-3775.

    Orlando Marriage Ceremony 407-680-3775

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