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    Contract Paralegal

    Posted by Virginia Beach, VA on 1/17/12

    As a business owner and attorney, you are well aware of the
    rising costs associated with maintaining your office,
    including personnel. As the cost of supplies, rent and
    staffing increase, you may have noticed your profit margin

    Integrity Paralegals would like to offer you a cost
    effective, efficient method of decreasing your workload and
    increasing your profit margin. By utilizing our services on
    an as-needed basis, this will enable you to expand your
    practice in a cost-efficient manner.

    The additional assistance you have been seeking is
    available through the legal support services described on
    our website listed below. By utilizing a contract
    paralegal, you are free to work on matters which may
    require your personal attention; and, of course, you can
    bill your clients for the work we perform for you, in our
    office (or yours) as your paralegal.

    Integrity Paralegal Service "A Professional Paralegal at
    your Service" (757) 204-5810 We
    appreciate your business!


    Integrity Paralegals is not a law firm, nor are we
    attorneys. We do not work with the general public. We will
    not and cannot provide legal representation or advice to
    any person. Integrity Paralegals only provides services to
    licensed attorneys and each service is performed under
    their direction.

    Integrity Paralegals

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