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    Bankruptcy Paralegal

    Posted by AZ, CA, WA, on 10/09/12

    Bankruptcy services for your Law Firm.
    Chapter 7;
    Chapter 13;
    LAM's (Judicial and TD's);
    Misc. Motions, Declarations, Responses, etc.
    ECF filing for Attorney
    Batch filing (to obtain single hearing-currently at 5
    cases per set in Central District)
    $220.00 Chapter 7 (single), Joint $270.00
    $425.00 Chapter 13 (single), Joint $475.00
    $100.00 Lien Avoidance Motions (when I prepare the
    bankruptcy case)
    $40-150.00 for all other cases
    Case management (deduct $45.00 for 7's and $100.00 for
    13's if your office will do the follow up)

    Other services: Immigration, Family Law
    References available upon request, please email for
    additional information.

    Tel: (562) 634-4155 (office)
    Fax: (562) 634-4184

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