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    Scopist Training Program

    Posted by Scoping Made Affordable on 4/29/08

    Scoping Made Affordable
    A scopist training program is now available!!

    Scoping is a career where you edit a court reporterís
    transcripts using a computer-assisted transcription (CAT)
    program that enables you to move throughout the document
    using shortcut keys or hyperkeys.

    SMA's focus is to make this training program affordable
    for those who want to
    enter the scoping field. We offer all the educational
    pieces needed to make you a successful scopist. Because
    we recognize that everyone comes into scoping with a
    variety of backgrounds, you will only take the courses
    that you need. Each course is priced individually. The
    training program can be completed within two or three
    months while you work another job or longer, because it is
    a self-paced program.

    You will find our staff available to you throughout your
    learning process and beyond because we have a genuine
    interest in your success. Our ultimate goal is to help
    you become a successful scopist in the least amount of
    time. Our program also is half the cost of many other
    scoping programs. We feel that we do not need to have a
    fancy display to train future scopists, thus saving you in
    your career investment.

    This is a career that you will truly enjoy. It decreases
    stress and allows you to enjoy the many positive benefits
    of working from home!! Scoping is a wide-open industry in
    the United States because the number of court reporters
    continues to grow and expects to grow by 25% by 2016.

    For more information contact us at

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